AZR-K single-shaft shredder and RSM granulator

The AZR-K 800 to AZR-K 2000 series of shredders and the RSM series of granulators deliver powerful, reliable performance: these solidly built machines can handle even large, bulky plastic items such as sprues, sections, and purgings, shredding them into a homogenous, dust-free end product.

In a two-stage solution, the RSM series granulators crush the previously shredded material into a final grain size of up to 3 mm. Intelligent design in a compact unit that delivers maximum reliability guarantees cost-efficient shredding.
• Large-volume and awkward plastic materials
• Lumps of production waste, plastic containers
• Sheeting, textiles, paper, cardboard
• Larger quantities of production waste, e.g. rods, sprues, defective parts

Benefits / characteristics:
• Extremely solid, stable build quality
• Shredding in one step down to a final grain size of approx. 12 mm
• Homogenous shredding without striation
• Quick-change screen, easy knife changes
• 3 rotor options
• Various different hoppers
• Slow running (rotor runs at 80 rpm)
• Very quiet and energy-efficient
• Many control options (auto reverse, etc.)

A ram pushes the material towards the rotor unit. The ram is fitted with a powerful hydraulic unit that can withstand heavy loads. To avoid trans-verse forces, the feed device is gimballed.
The illustration shows the option with a raised pusher.

High-performance motors with a variety of power ratings

Safety package with gear limit switch and reverse counter

A hydraulically pivoted screen basket with integrated screen segments enables easy access for knife changes or servicing. It also makes cleaning easier.

With a load-dependent and/or pulse mode feed, different cycle frequencies and forced reversing, the AZR-K series is under perfect control even with an overload.

The hydraulic and horizontal pressing device (pusher) operates load-dependently with controlled contact pressure. The guides are made from hard-wearing plastic or brass and are adjustable.

• Segment guides for pusher with cleaning effect and parallel feed
• Serrated plate for hollow articles and solid lumps
• Rotor version 5 with triple row of knives

A solid, stable machine frame, axially reinforced feed devices, and recessed, enclosed rotor bearings enable a long service life even under high loads.

The required shredding factor for the feed material can be set using variably adjustable screens with the appropriate screen perforation.

Safety unit for use on the exposed screen basket

Option: motorized lifting gear for the hopper

Knives that reduce your operating costs!
The use of different types of knives enables task-specific adaptation to the material being shredded.

Rotor Version 5

The concave round cutter heads with their efficient scissor cutting enable very high throughput with little force. With just a few simple steps the round knives mounted on the rotor can be rotated and turned up to 8 times until they have to be replaced.

Rotor-Version 7

Concave cutting heads can be turned up to 4 times

Detail of knife system version 5 – Knife assembly with knife carrier and round knife

Detail of knife system version 7 – Knife assembly with knife carrier and round knife

The different rotor diameters:

Rotor with 252 mm diameter for smaller applications
Rotor with 354 mm diameter for higher throughput
Rotor with 482 mm diameter for very high throughput

The following parameters apply to all machines in the AZR-K series:

Screen perforation size:
The standard size is 15/20 mm; also available (in millimetres) 10/12, 12/15, 20/25, 25/30, 35/40
Special sizes by arrangement.

This depends on the feed material (long, short, wet, dry etc.) and the screen per-foration size. As a rule of thumb, assume two to four hopper loads per hour.

Chip removal:
Chips can be removed using a suction device, screw conveyor or a conveyor belt. The minimum air speed for vacuum systems is 28 m/s.

Single-stage and two-stage shredding using the RSM granulator

• Plastic product waste such as sprues, other scrap
• Injection moulded items
• Sections, plates, sheeting Purgings
• Blow moulded articles and waste

Benefits / characteristics:
• Delivers high quality shredded material
• Wear-resistant
• Fast and easy maintenance
• Universal, versatile applications
• Ideal for the heaviest use
• V-cut technology with double diagonal cut
• Optimum conveying of material to be cut to the rotor centre
• Solid, bolted construction method
• Intelligent machine design
• High throughput
• Opens without using tools
• Easy maintenance and cleaning

The machines can be opened in a few simple steps and without using special tools thanks to the quick-snap fasteners. Maintenance and knife changes can be completed in next to no time.

The sandwich design means that the hopper and grinding chamber are completely soundproofed. The extensive multi-layer sound insulation results in low noise emissions of just 75-80 dB(A).

The shredded material can be removed using a vacuum conveyor, discharge screw conveyor or continuously operating suction system.

Example of a two-stage system with pre-shredding and re-shredding:

• AZR-K shredder for preshredding
• Material transport conveyor (with metal/magnet-free zone)
• Overbelt magnet with mount and metal detection in conveyor
• RSM high-performance granulator
• Material conveyor blower / ventilator
• Pipes with inspection window and openings
• Filter boxes and filter bags
• Cyclone
• Material hopper