Briquetting presses RB 100 Flexibel - RB 200 Flexibel S

RB 100 Flexibel - RB 200 Flexibel S series
for individual configuration by combining components based on the application...

With its modular construction, the RB Flexible series can be individually tailored to customer-specific space requirements. It can be adapted well to existing production plants and can be configured according to the throughput desired. Depending on throughput, tandem, Trio, or Quattro design combinations are possible.

RB 100 Flexibel - RB 200 Flexibel S series was designed especially for industrial applications.

Technial Features

1 = Large reserve container with high-quality discharge unit.
(Agitator discharge with integrated screw conveyor)

2 = All mechanical movements can be performed manually using the hand controls on the switching cabinet. The PLC controls ensure user friendly, fully automatic operation.

3 = Hardened, replaceable compressor channel bushings are standard equipment on all of the machines.

4 = Automatic opening of the tongs ensures trouble-free, constant briquettes production.

5 = Hydraulic drive with a power rating of up to 22 kW
Optional: Oil cooling, low oil switch, and oil temperature measurement unit.

6 = Filling cylinder

7 = Hydraulically controlled press cylinder

8 = Automatic strand length monitoring

9 = Automatic on/off (option)

These presses have high-volume reserve containers with an integrated screw conveyor. The material passes through the screw conveyor into the filling shaft, where it is pre-compacted in the filler cylinder before being conveyed to the press channel. In the channel, the press cylinder presses the material to be compacted into the conically closed tongs until it achieves the desired briquette hardness. Then the tongs open and the briquette is ejected.

Briquette extension (optional)


The fully automatic delivery unit is installed at the base of the storage tank. This unique worm precompactor ensures a consistent briquette length.

Optimised pressing results are achieved with the cylindrical pressing chamber. The hydraulic filler cylinder compresses the material at high pressure into a compact briquette

The hydraulic unit provides the press with power. Specification according to requirements and application.

Two high-powered motors drive the screw compressor and the delivery unit

The filling level gauge (automatic ON/OFF) guarantees fully automatic operation.

The strand length monitor ensures a constant, high production rate of briquettes, even after a change of materials.
There is also a possibility for connecting transport pipes.

Technical Data

RB 100 Flexibel RB 120 Flexibel RB 160 Flexibel RB 200 Flexibel RB 200 Flexibel S
Reserve container (mm): 1400 x 1400 x 920 / 2000 x 2000 x 920 /
 intermediate size possible, depending on customer request
Briquette diameter (mm): 50 60 70 80 80
Throughput (approx.kg/h)*: 80-100 100-120 120-160 160-200 160-250
Hydraulic motor (kW): 7,5 7,5 11 11 22
Oil quantity (l): 100 oder 160 160 250 250 500
Weight (approx. kg)**: 950-1100 1000-1100 1100-1300 1300-1500 2500
* Throughput is material dependent / ** total weight, deviations are possible depending on the design
Maximum material moisture should not exceed 18 %