Briquetting press RB 400 RS

The Reinbold briquetting press RB 400 S - reliable and efficient briquetting technology for the production of square briquettes for the reduction in volume or thermal recycling
The excellent packing density of the square briquettes is ideal for storage or transportation. In addition, the high-compression briquettes have a very good combustion behavior.
All compressible materials, such as wood chips, wood dust are highly compressed in a matrix.
Thus, the briquette produced is dimensionally stable and solid. The briquettes are expelled each other. A 30 kW motor drives the hydraulic axial piston pump and is able to produce per minute up to 7 briquettes. The throughput depends on the specific weight of the material.
The briquetting press can be supplied with a container of 1,400 x 1,400 mm. In addition, there are many technical features available, such as a control for the briquetting press.



RB 400 S
Briquette diameter (mm): 150 x 60
Throughput (approx. kg/h): 300 - 400 *
Hydraulic motor (kW): 30
Auger motor (kW): 0,6
Agitator (kW): 0,5
Amount of oil (l): 500
Weight (approx. kg): 3.500**

* Throughput is material-dependent / ** Total weight deviations
possible depending on the version Maximum material moisture should not exceed 18%
All models are supplied with safety switch for oil temperature.
The throughput depends on the material. PLC control for fully automatic operation.
Demonstrations and tests are available upon request in our pilot plant.