AZR-K 800 - AZR-K 2000 Gigant single-shaft shredder

The AZR-K 800 to AZR-K 2000 Gigant series of shredders deliver powerful, reliable performance: these solidly built machines can handle even large, bulky plastic items such as sprues, sections, and purgings, shredding them into a homogenous, dust-free end product.

Intelligent design in a compact unit that delivers maximum reliability guarantees cost-efficient shredding.
• Large-volume and awkward plastic materials
• Lumps of production waste, plastic containers
• Sheeting, textiles, paper, cardboard
• Larger quantities of production waste, e.g. rods, sprues, defective parts

Benefits / characteristics:
• Extremely solid, stable build quality
• Shredding in one step down to a final grain size of approx. 12 mm
• Homogenous shredding without striation
• Quick-change screen, easy knife changes
• 3 rotor options
• Various different hoppers
• Slow running (rotor runs at 80 rpm)
• Very quiet and energy-efficient
• Many control options (auto reverse, etc.)