Compact single-shaft-shredders series AZR 600 - AZR 800 S

(1) The rotor shaft is made​of solid steel. The cutting gap between the rotor and the counter-knife can be adjusted (optional)
(2) Hydraulic feed for constant material flow to the rotor
(3) Gimbal hydraulic cylinder premature wear of the piston cup
(4) Variable adjustable screens to deterministic mine the size of the chips.
(5) Security package with Rotary and reverse counter.

The following parameters apply to all machines
in the AZR-series:

The default size is 15/20 mm. Also available are (in mm): 10/12, 12/15, 20/25, 25/30, 35/40, and special sizes on request.
This depends on the feed material (long, short, wet, dry, etc.) and the screen hole size. However, expect an average of 2-4 funnel fillings per hour.
Chip removal:
This can be done using a suction system, screw conveyor or a conveyor belt. The minimum air velocity of extraction units is at 28 m / sec.
(1) = Pivoting filter basket
(2) = 4-sided segment bottom tine plate and spike bar
(3) = Discharge by auger
(4) = Turbo clutch from 30 kW

Technical data see current brochure