Multi-shaft-shredder RMZ 500 - RMZ 1000 S

These machines shred waste residues and recyclable materials with ease. Ideal for reducing the volume of materials at an optimum cost-benefit ratio.

The rugged shredder is fitted with an electronic control system which protects the machine against over-loading and switches off when empty. The large hopper and the blade shaft enable a high throughput rate at low power consumption.

The cutting system comprises of 2 cutting shafts and 2 broaching shafts or optional of 4 cutting shafts. The cutting system is driven by firm cogwheels which run in a closed oil bath. Additional back-up shredders underneath the perforated screen prevent the occurrence of long chips. The radius of the perforation determines the size of the chip.

The four blade shafts operate separately and independently of each other in the event of an overload.

Technical data see current brochure