Shredding of Wood

Shredder AZR 1000 S 45 KW. The discharge takes place via a Calamit conveyor belt with a width 250 mm.

The hopper on the machine has been customized and installed. The comminution of larger chunks of wood, the machine is designed with a capacity of 45 kW, so the parts can be supplied better and stronger to the rotor.
AZR 600 wood chipper on a Biesse Panel
Wood shredder AZR 1500 with cooling for the hydraulic Wood shredder AZR 1500
Supply of material on a conveyor belt and feeding tube Wood chipper with special hopper and suction
Shredding of waste wood with AZR 1200 shredder with extra-long discharge for chip removal
Wood shredder AZR 60 with special hopper Wood Shredder AZR 800 with hopper
Shredding of wood waste at panel saw with a 400 S Horizontal shredder RHZ placed underground.
Special machine with special hopper and pivoting basket

Volume reduction before / after Wood chips for renewable energy
Horizontal machine with a special feeder chain
Horizontal machine connected to suction
AZR 600 (22 kW) with special hopper

Veneer strip shredding