New: Compact Strip Shredders from Reinbold

Reinbold, the specialist for timber shredders and briquettte presses, have extended their extensive and sophisticated range of products by the introduction of the "RLZ" series.

The compact, high-powered strip shredder is specially designed for carpentry shops and medium-sized plants and is suitable for use right alongside processing machines. Long and narrow timber waste such as strips and battens can now be shredded and disposed of quickly and economically.

A special feature of the RLZ shredder is their compact and space-saving design. Their sturdy and well-planned construction are a guarantee for reliable and profitable operation with outstanding throughput rates. Thanks to their rugged design, obstructions such as nails, metal staples etc. are virtually never a problem for the RLZ machines.

Easy access to the wide feeder shaft means that timber waste to be shred can be fed in over the complete rotor width – making work a lot easier. The high-powered intake cylinder ensures that material is fed automatically at an even rate to the rotor. The feed is load-based and switches off automatically in the event of an overload. The shredding process continues until the material has been completely shredded.

On the profile rotor, special, concave-ground round cutting heads provide an efficient scissors cut while only requiring low force. With just a few easy adjustments, the blade can be turned up to 8 times before having to be changed. Sieves with hole diameters from 10 to 50 mm are available depending on the required size of woodchip.

Three different construction sizes are available to suit customer requirements. And there is also a wide range of options for special applications.

For longer boards and profiled sections, Reinbold's product program also includes the horizontal shredder as well as the multi-shaft shredder RMZ. All Reinbold machine's are available for extensive tests.